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Whether you're auditioning for your local theatre company's latest show or you have a more serious intention – getting into drama school – our one-to-one sessions, delivered in a friendly, informal setting, can be exactly what you need to get your foot on the ladder.

So far our former students have gained places at The Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, The Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, The Guildford School of Acting, The Royal Academy of Music, The Central School of Speech and Drama and The Arts Educational Schools.

We can help you pick the right audition speeches and then, with your hard work, help to stimulate your own ideas to create the convincing characterisations that will impress the audition panel – and take you where you want to go.

16 years and upwards.


Speech and Drama Exams


PDC will coach and enter for you for both LAMDA and New Era examinations in speech, drama and acting. Sessions will always be one-to-one and students will be expected to learn more about the techniques of voice production and acting and to do extensive background research and study. These classes will promote confidence, better English language skills and a wider knowledge of English literature and culture.

12 years and upwards.


Presentation and Confidence


If you've ever felt that you've not been able to put yourself across in interview or if you often find yourself at work having to present confidently to managers and staff or even if you've been asked to be Best Man at a wedding and are dreading the speech, this is the session for you. Working one-to-one you'll determine what your faults are and iron them out. Through sessions structured to your own needs you'll soon acquire the tricks of the trade and be presenting confidently.

16 years and upwards.




If you're not happy with your voice – let us help. From tone and breathing to minor speech impediments, PDC will help you work towards the improvements you want to make. The one-to-one sessions will give you the tools you need to work both in class and at home to develop the voice you want. You'll learn the theory you need to know and be given practical exercises to work on your breath-control and diction and tone, both with a teacher and on your own, to develop the voice you want.

16 years and upwards.


English Conversation


Aimed at foreign students who wish to become more fluent in spoken English and to smooth the edges off their native accents. Please note: These are not English lessons, but an opportunity to practice the English you already have and to acquire a more 'English' sound to your speech.

16 years and upwards.


If there's anything else you can think of that's not covered on the website, but that you think we might be able to offer, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please note all solo classes can be taken either in James' home or at your home. If you wish to have your lesson at your home and live within the city of Portsmouth, no mileage fee will be charged. Otherwise, be aware that a charge of 25 pence per mile will be charged.

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